Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Ten Reasons} A Creative Writing Assignment

As one of my assignment for this awesome creative writing class I am taking, we were supposed to post on our blog ten reason why we will keep writing, so here are mine. Enjoy!

1. Because I have a voice. God has given me a unique voice and a way to share my thoughts and opinions. God gave me my voice, so I will use it.

2. Because I like it. Simple enough, I will keep writing because I like to do it ;D

3. Because sometimes paper is the only thing that will listen. And some times it’s the only thing I want to listen.

4. Because it removes my mask. Somewhere from childhood to adulthood, all people build masks for themselves, ways to hide what’s in their heart, ways to be something they are not. Some masks are made in fear, some in love, most are made unwittingly. But writing is, for me, a way to take off that mask and let my true self breathe.

5. Because it lasts. Writing is a lasting way to be remembered, and to have an impact on future generations even after I’m gone.

6. It helps me understand the world.

7. It helps me understand myself.

8. Because it makes me better.  I like who I am when I write.

9. Because Writing changes things. Books and stories and poetry change things, they change people, and writing is a way for me to be the change I want to see.

10. Because it is free entertainment. Books are kinda expensive, but writing them is free ;D

If y’all want to read some of my fiction, you can find it at


  1. Excellent list, Abi. I especially like reason 4, how writing removes the mask of ourselves. Writing reveals who the author is, what the author believes.